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Lexington, North Carolina, USA is home of the regional "Ghost Hunters Realm - Paranormal Investigations" group.
Our investigative group is dedicated not only to the research and gathering of evidence of paranormal activities, but the significance of spiritual connections beyond our plain of existence.
Simply said, the "GHRPI" kicks it up to a new level of experience in the pursuit of all paranormal activities and events taking place daily around our world.

The "Ghost Hunters Realm - Paranormal Investigations" is an elite team of individuals who represent the very best paranormal investigators of the present Davidson county area of North Carolina, have been assembled as the main stay group. Concentrating on paranormal events and anomalies happening not only locally, or statewide, but through out the United States, and abroad, will continue to be the main stay for all the groups interests and adventures.

Get back the peace of mind you once felt by clicking the "Contact Us" site link, and tell us about the paranormal events you're presently experiencing today, and a member of our paranormal investigative team will be in touch with you soon. "Ghost Hunters Realm - Paranormal Investigations" values your privacy, all inquire information will remain strictly confidential.